Tenant Insurance


Keep your goods safe with Xercor Insurance.

We are happy to provide you with insurance for your storage goods through our partner Xercor Insurance. Just because your goods are in storage does not mean the worst could not happen to them. Make sure you have insurance to protect you from the worst!

  • Storage Insurance with Xercor is an affordable and easy way to protect your goods.

  • Easy to sign up. You can be enrolled when you sign up for your unit.

  • Make one Payment. Monthly insurance charges will be added to your storage bill. No need to make multiple payments or write multiple checks.

  • Affordable Rates. Storage insurance may be obtained for as little $9.00 per month added to your storage bill.

  • Broad Coverage. Protect against theft, storm damage, vandalism and many other incidents. Have the piece of mind to know your goods are protected.

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